Dear customers,

We aim to be as fair and as transparent as possible by providing all information on our website when you rent from us, and in an Automatic Email upon renting. Upon agreeing to the terms and conditions the customer understands and adheres to and is contractually obliged to all Zippy Motorbike Rentals Chiang Mai Terms and Conditions.

If you are not happy with any of our policies please DO NOT agree to the Terms and Conditions and  DO NOT rent from Zippy Motorbike Rentals Chiang Mai.

Is there a deposit?

Leave us a review and there is no deposit. Alternatively, the deposit is Passport or 3, 000thb.

For Thai Nationals the deposit is an ID Card and 3, 000THB. Sorry if this seems unfair, after many problems we are following the advice of the Chiang Mai Police.

Can I leave my luggage at your store?

No, you cannot leave your luggage at our store under any circumstances.

You may wish to store your luggage with your previous accommodation, post it to your new accommodation, or store it at Chiang Mai Storage – Under THAI LAW we CANNOT store your luggage, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can I leave my bicycle at your store?

Yes, we have a locked parking area with CCTV. We take no responsibility for theft or damage to the bicycle.

If I extend my rental will it be prorated based on my weekly or monthly price?

Yes, we have the fairest pro-rated system. Simply put your new dates into our price calculator at www.zippymotorbikes.com

Our booking system uses the same price calculator. Our staff uses the same price calculator. You can check the price anytime, before, during, or after your rental. All customers get the same price.

If I bring back my rental early will I be refunded?

Depending on the length of the rental, yes.

We have daily, weekly and monthly prices. Simply check the prices using our price calculator at www.zippymotorbikes.com

At around about the 3 week period, it just becomes the monthly price.

Our booking system uses the same price calculator. Our staff uses the same price calculator. You can check anytime, before, during, or after your rental what the price will be.

If I rent the bike for one month and one day, can I have the one day for free?

No. Our price calculator is the fairest pro-rating system. It can calculate the price for any length of rental. An extra day will be prorated based on the price you already paid.

IE: A month and one day at 2, 300thb per month for example will be: (2, 300thb/30 days) x 31 days.

Where are you located?

This is the location of our store: https://goo.gl/maps/Z3gXaMcafmvox3Xq9

This is our address: 54/2 Santiruk, Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai, 50300

I rented a bike for a few months previously (not current rental), do I have to pay the daily rate if I want it for 1 for just 2 days?

Yes, we have competitive prices for daily, monthly and long-term rentals. Our price calculator can tell you the price for any length of rental for each of our models by simply entering your start and finish dates. The price calculator can be found at www.zippymotorbikes.com

Do your bikes include helmets?

Yes! All rentals come with good quality helmets. PLEASE wear a helmet at all times.